My Treatment

Tauranga Osteopath Jacqui Toohey

It seems no 2 osteopaths are alike when it comes to how we treat.

I believe we treat the way we like to be treated.  I like to take time with my patients, and I like to use a broad variety of wonderful Osteopathic techniques.

No two people are the same as are no two injuries. With Osteopathy we look to treat each person individually, to find the cause of their problem, and to treat it in a way that works for that individual.

Osteopathic Consultation

Your initial consultation with me will last an hour. During this time I take a thorough medical case history and carry out physical examinations checking posture and range of movements including any necessary medical tests. These might include referring for X-rays, scans, and blood tests. I may use orthopaedic, neurological and other system examinations to help assess and diagnose. If necessary I may refer to other health care providers.

Subsequent Osteopathic Treatments

Subsequent treatments will last 45 minutes. I prefer to use a full range of osteopathic techniques including soft tissue massage, biodynamic cranial osteopathic techniques, visceral osteopathic techniques, joint mobilization and gentle manipulation if appropriate and necessary. I always like to give postural and exercise advice.